The Online Ashram is our offering to bring the best Yogic Lifestyle habits into your day to day life, slowly growing our already international Yoga school and Sangha into an online experience that will help to integrate the habits of the Sages, Saint's ,Yogi's, Yogini’s and Rishi’s of our great Human Lineage!

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Sadhana Stream

The Sadhana Stream is our offering to bring the best Yogic Lifestyle habits into your day to day life. Using the Zoom app we are offering Yoga classes of all types in English, Japanese and sometimes a little Chinese. Our regular practcies are interactive and intensive with Waylon, offering adjustments to the poses while the practice continues at a constant pace. Students are always asked to do their best and Never Give Up! And not to worry if one has not understood the practice as daily practice insures knowledge and understanding over time.

Zuddha Lotus Yoga School is Waylon Belding and Shihoko Otsubo

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Regular Meditation, Breathing and physcial postures to complete your daily Sadhana. A regular morning Practice 5 days a week.



Join Shihoko every Monday to start the week off on a "slow" foot. This class incorporates a style of yoga where you slowly take one pose called "Yin yoga" and face the breath carefully.



This study of philosophy is what Ultimately Brings Us the Inspiration to Undergo and adapt to the true Struggle that is perfection of Self through Yoga.


Zuddha Dojo

We are building a dojo in the hills of Kumamoto Japan. Come join us!

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All of us have such beautiful and challenging lives which bring us eventually together. For me, Always a seeker and not satisfied with the dramas and ego ways of the world, found Yoga and its Teachings at 17. Fresh into college I immediately quit upon contacting this Lineage. 


What is this Lineage? The world’s most ancient and oldest teachings, wrapped in its earliest recorded and spoken language passed from Guru to disciple, generation after generation as Humanity has risen and fallen since the beginning of consciousness.


Over 20 years living Yoga as my Primary Love and Path always active In Study, Teaching and Practicing I hope to pass on my inspiration for never giving up. This culture and way of life has been the Central Channel of my whole experience on this beautiful Earth. Providing the best possible example to Padma and Amrita-Lila that I can, while learning graciously and studiously at their feet as Servant and Teacher both,  and experience’s to share in this the most ancient way to stay Healthy, Happy and Connected, we offer these classes to the Lotus feet of the Beloved who’s music is echoed in the hearts of all living beings.


The Sadhana Stream is our offering to bring the best Yogic Lifestyle habits into your day to day life. Please join us.


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